Portrait of Rahul Potharaju

Rahul Potharaju

Principal R&D Manager,
Azure Big Data



Rahul is one of the Engineering Leaders for Azure Synapse Analytics (announced by Satya at Ignite 2019) focused on its Spark offering. Rahul’s team has open-sourced several projects including Hyperspace (https://github.com/microsoft/hyperspace) and .NET for Apache Spark (https://github.com/dotnet/spark).

Rahul’s research & development interests span transforming big data into actionable insights and building planet-scale data-intensive systems, with a particular concentration in analytics-as-a-service clouds. More specifically, his recent work has been concentrated around building usable Big Data platforms. Over the years, his experience has spanned research and engineering disciplines.

Rahul’s work has contributed towards seminal systems like Microsoft’s internal Big Data platform known as Cosmos, Microsoft’s Azure Data Lake, and Microsoft’s Azure Data Warehouse and has also led to publications in top peer-reviewed academic conferences such as VLDB, NSDI, IMC, SoCC, and CCS along with filing of more than 30 patents. He is a recipient of the Motorola Engineering Excellence Award and the Purdue Diamond Award. Rahul’s work has been adopted by several business groups inside Microsoft and has won the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Reliability Award.

Rahul’s PhD thesis focused on improving reliability and security of large-scale services spanning from smartphones to datacenter networks. Rahul built a broad range of systems including real-time network dashboards, a big data analytics system for analyzing network telemetry data, and an inference tool for root cause analysis in network troubleshooting.