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#”Transaction processing on Confidential Data using Cipherbase” (ICDE 2015)
Running TPC-C (with stored procedures) on encrypted data while offering protection against a passive adversary who can monitor all system traffic. A tutorial (SIGMOD 2014) surveys the broad design landscape of encrypted databases.

#”SELECT Triggers for Data Auditing” (ICDE 2013)
Extending SQL Triggers (which traditionally work for updates) to support auditing of SELECT queries.

#”Rule profiling for Query Optimizers and their Implications” (ICDE 2009)
Using empirical data obtained by profiling optimizer rules to improve/simplify query optimizers.

#”Stop-and-Restart Style Execution for Long Running SQL Queries” (VLDB 2007)
 Exploring map-reduce style restartable computation for long running SQL queries.

#”When can we trust progress estimators for SQL queries?” (SIGMOD 2005
Why progress estimation for long running SQL queries is not a easy problem to solve robustly.

# “A Case for Fractured Mirrors” (VLDB2002)
One of the early “hybrid-store” papers that highlighted the importance of vertical partitioning/column stores for optimizing disk bandwidth in data warehouses.

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