Portrait of Remi Tachet des Combes

Remi Tachet des Combes

Associate Researcher ll


I am a researcher at Microsoft Research Maluuba in the Reinforcement Learning team. My interests reside in getting a better understanding of current deep learning techniques from a theoretical standpoint in order to design more powerful systems. I also like to get my hands “dirty” and implement the algorithms that appear in the process. As a newcomer to the field, I spend some time reading as many articles as I can to get familiar with the current state of the art in related domains.

I hold a PhD in Mathematics from the Ecole Centrale Paris, am a former student of ENS Paris and was a postdoc at the Senseable City Lab of MIT. There, I studied the potential impact of new technologies on cities and transportation. My main interests were the design of smarter and more efficient systems. In particular, I quantified the potential of ride-sharing systems in multiple cities and studied self-driving vehicles coordination at intersections.