Portrait of Reuben Olinsky

Reuben Olinsky

Principal Software Engineering Lead


I work in Microsoft Research’s Operating Systems Group as a research developer.  I’m currently working on the Menlo project and spending quite a bit of time tinkering in the mobile computing space.

Before joining MSR in the fall of 2009, I was a developer on the Microsoft Windows product team.  My team was responsible for delivering the Windows Imaging Format, Windows Deployment Services, and all technologies required to deploy and replicate Windows operating systems.  In this role, I contributed to the development of Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Vista.

Prior to joining Microsoft, I worked in Norman Ramsey‘s research group at Harvard University, contributing to the C– project.


Society of Devices Applications (SODA)

Established: March 25, 2015

We envision a future Internet of Things where every human-created artifact in the world that uses electricity will be connected to the internet. We are creating new experiences and technologies for the coming convergence of digital and physical systems enabled in this future.


Established: September 19, 2011

Drawbridge is a research prototype of a new form of virtualization for application sandboxing. Drawbridge combines two core technologies: First, a picoprocess, which is a process-based isolation container with a minimal kernel API surface. Second, a library OS, which is a version of Windows enlightened to run efficiently within a picoprocess. Hardware-based Virtual Machines (VMs) have fundamentally changed computing in data centers and enabled the cloud. VMs offer three compelling qualities: Secure Isolation: isolating applications…

Experiment 19

Established: October 13, 2008

A skunkworks project in 2008/2009 to re-imagine the OS platform for Windows Phone. The prototype proved that Windows NT and the CLR could deliver better performance than Windows CE and the .NET Compact Framework on identical hardware. Within months of the completion of Experiment 19, Microsoft launched efforts to build what would become Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT for ARM tablets. Re-imagining the Windows Phone Platform In the fall of 2008, our Operating Systems…