Portrait of Saeed Maleki

Saeed Maleki

Principal Research SDE


I am a Principal Research SDE working on Parasail project in RiSE Research group.

I work on different aspects of system optimizations and high-performance computing. Every year, I had the pleasure of working with many great research interns and their work resulted in great publications and PhD theses. Below is a list of past interns and their publication:


COCONET: Co-Optimizing Computation and Communication for Distributed Machine Learning — under review
Intern: Abhinav Jangda

Synthesizing Optimal Collective Algorithms at PPoPP’21
Interns: Zixian Cai and Zhengyang Liu

Distributed Training of Embeddings using Graph Analytics at IPDPS’21
Interns: Gurbinder Gill and Roshan Dathathri

CHET: An Optimizing Compiler for Fully-Homomorphic Neural-Network Inferencing at PLDI’19
Intern: Roshan Dathathri