Portrait of Saghar Hosseini

Saghar Hosseini

Senior Researcher


I am a senior research scientist at Language and Information Technologies (LIT) team at Microsoft Research. I am generally interested in artificial intelligence and creating reliable and fair natural language and information technologies.

In the past few years, my research has been focused on building Natural Language Understanding (NLU) systems and tackling out-of-distribution challenges in these systems. Some of these challenges are domain adaptationscompositional generalization, and transferring societal biases in multi-lingual transfer techniques and language models.

Before joining Microsoft, I was working towards my Ph.D. at the University of Washington, Seattle. The title of my dissertation is “Learning in Complex Dynamic Systems: with Applications to Perpetual Flight, Energy Management, Distributed Decision Making, and Social Networks.” During my PhD program, I developed distributed optimization algorithms and machine learning methods and applied these algorithms on classification problems in large-scale data sets, social network analysis, and autonomous multi-agent systems.

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