I am an applied scientist in Language Information Technologies team at Microsoft Research AI, Redmond working with Ahmed Hassan Awadallah, Madian Khabsa, and Miaosen Wang.  My current research interest is in the area of information retrieval and extraction and natural language processing using deep learning. In addition, I am interested in applied research in the fields of machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, and optimization and control of autonomous systems. I am very passionate about developing and implementing powerful methods for extracting meaningful patterns and trends from data in real-time for autonomous systems and NLP applications.

In March 2016, I received my PhD in Aeronautics & Astronautics at University of Washington, Seattle where I was advised by Mehran Mesbahi. The title of my dissertation is “Learning in Complex Dynamic Systems: with Applications to Perpetual Flight, Energy Management, Distributed Decision Making, and Social Networks.” During my PhD program, I developed distributed optimization algorithms and machine learning methods, and applied these algorithms on classification problems in large scale data sets, social network analysis, control of autonomous multi-agent systems, i.e., unmanned aerial vehicles, and energy management in smart grids.

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