Portrait of Sasa Junuzovic

Sasa Junuzovic

Senior Research Software Development Engineer


Sasa Junuzovic is a Research Software Design Engineer at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA. Before joining Microsoft Research as an engineer in May 2012, he was a Post Doc Researcher there starting in Sep 2010. He received his Computer Science Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina in May 2010 and his B.Math from the University of Waterloo in May 2004.



Established: February 27, 2012

IllumiShare is an innovative system that enables remote people to share any physical or digital object on any surface. It is a low-cost, peripheral device that looks like a desk lamp, and just like a lamp lights up a surface…












Research Interests

Sasa Junuzovic’s research interests are in the fields of computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) and human-computer interaction (HCI). Currently, he is investigating hardware, systems, and applications for collocated and remote collaborations.

Resume / CV


Sasa Junuzovic, Tom Blank, Bruce Clearly, Anoop Gupta, and Andrew Wilson. Interactive and Shared Surfaces. US Patent Application #20120320158. Issued Dec 20, 2012.

Tom Blank, Steven Bathiche, Anoop Gupta, Andrew Wilson, and Sasa Junuzovic. Combined Lighting, Projection, and Image Capture Without Video Feedback. US Patent Application #20120320157. Issued Dec 20, 2012.

Kori Inkpen Quinn, Rajesh Hegde, Zhengyou Zhang, John Tang, Sasa Junuzovic, and Christopher Brooks. Accelerated Instant Replay for Co-Present and Distributed Meetings. US Patent Application #20110267419. Issued on Nov 3, 2011.

Rajesh Hegde, Zhengyou Zhang, Phil Chou, Cha Zhang, Zicheng Liu, and Sasa Junuzovic. Multi-Device Capture and Spatial Browsing of Conferences. US Patent #8537196. Issued on September 17, 2013.

Sasa Junuzovic, Prasun Dewan, and Yong Rui. Virtual Shadow Awareness for Multi-User Editors. US Patent #7774703. Issued on Aug 10, 2010.

Sasa Junuzovic, Rajesh Hegde, Li-wei He, Zhengyou Zhang, and Steven Drucker. Persistent Collaborative Framework for Interactive Web Applications. US Patent #7624145. Issued on Nov 24, 2009.


Microsoft Research Fellow (2008-2010)

NSERC National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Post Graduate Scholarship (2008-2010)

University of North Carolina Scholars for Tomorrow Fellow (2004-2005)