Portrait of Wolfram Schulte

Wolfram Schulte

Partner Group Software Engineering Manager


I am a partner engineering manager at Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise divison, Redmond, USA.

I currently manage the Tools for Software Engineers (TSE) team, Microsoft’s main investment into building a single world class engineering system, addressing everything from code review, via build, test, and program analysis, to engineering insights.

Prior to TSE, I managed the Research in Software Engineering team, one of the world’s top software engineering research groups. My research interests include software development tools, ranging from build, via automatic test to deployment, software engineering analytics, ranging from collecting data to prediction, programming languages, ranging from language design to runtimes.

Before joining MSR in 1999, I worked at the University of Ulm (1993-1999), at sd&m, a German software company (1992-1993), and at the Technical University Berlin (1987-1992).


Tools for Software Engineers

Established: June 29, 2012

The Tools for Software Engineers (TSE) team mission is "Enabling Microsoft to accelerate software development". TSE contributes to and innovates on major parts of Microsoft's engineering system. TSE's current focus is to shorten the continuous integration cycle time which is…

Boogie: An Intermediate Verification Language

Established: December 10, 2008

Boogie is an intermediate verification language, intended as a layer on which to build program verifiers for other languages. Several program verifiers have been built in this way, including the VCC and HAVOC verifiers for C and the verifiers for…

Model-based Testing with SpecExplorer

Established: December 10, 2008

Spec Explorer is a software development tool for advanced model-based specification and conformance testing.   New Version of Spec Explorer as an extension to Visual Studio is now available: Spec Explorer 2010 What are the core ideas behind Spec Explorer?…

FORMULA – Modeling Foundations

Established: December 10, 2008

FORMULA 2.0: Formal Specifications for Verification and Synthesis Formula specifications are highly declarative logic programs that can express rich synthesis and verification problems. FORMULA 2.0 is framework for formally specifying domain-specific languages (DSLs)…