Portrait of Sebastian Tschiatschek

Sebastian Tschiatschek



I am a researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK. My research focuses on developing novel algorithms and models for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

My current research interest are:

  • Deep learning of structured models
  • Inference aware model design and model estimation
  • High-order probabilistic models (set functions)
  • Sample efficient reinforcement learning and inverse reinforcement learning for human-machine interaction

Before joining Microsoft Research I was a postdoc in the Learning and Adaptive Systems Group at ETH Zurich led by Prof. Andreas Krause. Before joining ETH, I received a PhD from Graz University of Technology under supervision of Prof. Franz Pernkopf at the Signal and Speech Processing Laboratory.


ICML 2019: Chao Ma, Sebastian Tschiatschek, Konstantina Palla, José Miguel Hernández-Lobato, Sebastian Nowozin, Cheng Zhang, EDDI: Efficient Dynamic Discovery of High-Value Information with Partial VAE
Talk: Wed Jun 12th 11:40 AM — 12:00 PM @ Hall A
Poster: Wed Jun 12th 6:30 PM @ Pacific Ballroom
NeurIPS 2018: Luis Haug, Sebastian Tschiatschek, and Adish Singla, “Teaching Inverse Reinforcement Learners via Features and Demonstrations”
Poster: Wed Dec 5th 05:00 — 07:00 PM @ Room 517 AB #167
NeurIPS 2018: David Janz, Jiri Hron, José Miguel Hernández-Lobato, Katja Hofmann, and Sebastian Tschiatschek, “Successor Uncertainties: exploration and uncertainty in temporal difference learning”
Poster: Fri Dec 7th, Deep RL Workshop



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