Portrait of Shun Zheng

Shun Zheng

Senior Researcher


Shun Zheng is a senior researcher at Microsoft Research Asia, focusing on the development of novel AI capabilities to foster real-world applications across various sectors, including healthcare, energy, and sustainability. He has a keen interest in learning over tabular, time-series, and spatiotemporal data, which are integral to numerous industrial applications. In recent years, his work has centered on creating foundational models and tools for critical scenarios, such as predicting health status for clinical patients, modeling the degradation of lithium-ion batteries, and probabilistic time-series forecasting for the energy and logistics industries.

Prior to joining Microsoft Research, Shun earned his Ph.D. from Tsinghua University, where he was involved in several AI-related projects. His research contributions include developing efficient strategies to extract structured knowledge from unstructured text and designing distributed optimization algorithms for large-scale machine learning.