Portrait of Sidhant Gupta

Sidhant Gupta

Director, Product Incubation


I graduated with a PhD from the University of Washington’s Computer Science & Engineering department specializing in Ubiquitous Computing. I was advised by Shwetak N. Patel who is a joint faculty member in both CSE and EE. At Microsoft Research, I have previously worked on bridging applied physics with HCI to come up with interesting haptics and sensing techniques.

I invent new sensing techniques and build innovative hardware and software systems to address hard challenges in sustainability sensing and human-computer interaction. My research often requires identifying and exploiting physical phenomena around us in unique ways to continually redefine what, and how, signals can be sensed. In addition to computer science, my research incorporates a deep understanding of applied physics, embedded systems, design-for-manufacturability, machine learning, software-defined radios and cyber-physical security.

My PhD work focused on developing novel sensing technologies and supporting software for the home that use minimal sensors, are low cost, and easy to deploy. I also built and evaluated innovative electro-mechanical haptic feedback interfaces.

I graduated with a course-focused M.Sc degree in Computer Science with a major GPA of 4.0 from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2009, where I was advised by Gregory Abowd. I specialized in operating systems, networking, embedded systems and getting things done.

I was named one of Forbes “30 under 30” disrupters in technology by Forbes magazine in January 2012.

I enjoy photography, hacking and tinkering with gadgets and cooking.