Portrait of Subhabrata (Subho) Mukherjee

Subhabrata (Subho) Mukherjee

Senior Researcher


I am a senior researcher at Microsoft Research (MSR) working at the intersection of natural language understanding, deep learning and machine learning. My current research is focused on making AI accessible to all with two major themes: (1) Resource-efficient learning of massive deep neural network models for AI at scale — with focus on few-shot learning, meta learning, self-supervised and weakly supervised learning, data augmentation, knowledge distillation, etc. (2) Building trustworthy AI for mitigating misinformation and bias to provide fair and equitable information access to all. Refer to [Project XTREME] for an overview.

Prior to joining MSR, I was leading the information extraction efforts to build the Amazon Product Knowledge Graph. I graduated summa cum laude from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany with a PhD in 2017. I was awarded the 2018 SIGKDD Doctoral Dissertation Runner-up Award for my thesis on credibility analysis…