Portrait of Anssi Kanervisto

Anssi Kanervisto



I am a researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge, working in the Deep Reinforcement Learning for Games group. I firmly believe video games will continue to play a significant role in the development of AI methods, especially as we approach autonomous agents which interact with humans, and I am happy to work on to advance AI in anything related to games here at Microsoft Research.

Originating from the forests of Finnish lakelands, I completed my PhD in computer science at University of Eastern Finland in 2022 under Dr. V. Hautamäki and Prof. T. Kinnunen. I mainly worked on improving reinforcement learning (RL) and imitation learning for video games, but I also dipped my toes in speaker recognition and training speaker recognition systems with RL. Along my work, I participated to multiple RL video game competitions, such as ViZDoom and MineRL, and ultimately co-organized MineRL Diamond 2021 and MineRL BASALT 2021 competitions. I also helped to maintain the stable-baselines3 RL library.