Portrait of Carlo Spaccasassi

Carlo Spaccasassi



I am a Post Doctoral Researcher in the Biological Computation group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. My main interest lies in programming languages and formal methods, in particular to facilitate the design of biological systems. During my previous post-doc in MSR I have developed a logic programming language for the design of nucleic acid devices, based on DNA motifs and graph grammars; part of my effort involves extending this approach to form a semantic core for a programming platform for genetic devices. Recently I have also been interested in formal methods to tackle combinatorial explosion in biological systems, in particular related to graph isomorphism.

My background is in programming languages and formal methods for concurrent systems. During my PhD with Vasileios Koutavas and Matthew Hennessy in Trinity College Dublin I have investigated a bisimulation theory for a concurrent programming construct called communicating transactions. I have also developed a complete inference system for session types based on a type-and-effect system.