Portrait of Daniela Massiceti

Daniela Massiceti



I am a machine learning researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge. My work explores how machine learning technologies can be used to help people with vision impairment. I am particularly interested in how models can be made more robust to real-world scenarios –  for example, when only a small amount of training data is available, or the data are poor quality (e.g. blurry images, poor view points). Solving these challenges will enable us to build robust human-in-the-loop systems, where visually-impaired users can provide a small amount of training data themselves, and the system can then be personalised to their everyday interactions on-the-fly.

Prior to joining MSR, I did my PhD in computer vision at the University of Oxford under Prof. Philip Torr, my Masters in Neuroscience also at the University of Oxford, and my Bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Cape Town. I am passionate