Portrait of Tim Regan

Tim Regan

Senior Research Software Development Engineer


I work in Microsoft Research at the lab in Cambridge in the Computer Mediated Living Group and especially the Socio-Digital Systems Group.

My current research interests are information visualization, the future of the book, social software, and mobile media. Before Cambridge I worked in the Social Computing Group in Redmond on aspects of shoulder to shoulder computing – that is building applications for several users to interact with together in the same room. Before that I worked on online virtual worlds, systems architecture, and formal methods at BT Labs. I hold a doctorate in Theoretical Computer Science from The University of Sussex.

Research Interests

  • Human-computer interaction (HCI)
  • Social computing / social software
  • Data visualization
  • Content futures (media sharing, mobile media, the future of the book)

Current Projectwork

  • Visualizing book texts
  • Book futures
  • Collaborative media annotations