Portrait of Tie-Yan Liu

Tie-Yan Liu

Distinguished Scientist, Microsoft Research

Short Bio

Tie-Yan Liu is a distinguished scientist of Microsoft, an assistant managing director of Microsoft Research Asia and Microsoft Research AI4Science. He is a fellow of the IEEE, the ACM, and the AAIA. He is well known for his pioneer work on learning to rank, and recently his research interests include deep learning, reinforcement learning, AI for industry, and AI for science. He has published 300+ papers at top conferences and journals, with 30K+ citations in total. He has served as general chair, program committee chair, or (senior) area chair for many top conferences, including WWW/WebConf, SIGIR, KDD, ICML, NeurIPS, ICLR, IJCAI, AAAI, ACL, and associate editor of ACM Transactions on Information Systems, ACM Transactions on the Web, and IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. He won the best (student) paper award at SIGIR (2008) and ACML (2018), the most cited paper award at Journal of Visual Communications and Image Representation (2004-2006), the most cited Chinese researcher award by Elsevier, and the most influential scholar award by AMiner (2007-2017). His team open-sourced LightGBM in 2017 (which has become one of the most popular machine learning tools in Kaggle and KDD Cup), proposed the dual learning framework in 2018 (which helped Microsoft achieve human parity in machine translation), built the world-best Mahjong AI named Suphx in 2019 (which achieved 10 DAN on Tenhou and significantly outperformed top human players in terms of stable ranking), and invented Graphormer for molecular modeling in 2021 (which won the KDD Cup on molecular property prediction and the Open Catalyst Challenge).


刘铁岩博士,微软杰出首席科学家、微软亚洲研究院副院长、微软研究院科学智能中心亚洲区负责人。他是国际电气电子工程师学会(IEEE)会士、 国际计算机学会(ACM)会士、亚太人工智能学会(AAIA)会士。他被聘为清华大学、香港科技大学、中国科技大学、华中科技大学兼职教授、诺丁汉大学荣誉教授。刘博士的先锋性研究促进了机器学习与信息检索之间的融合,被公认为“排序学习”领域的代表人物。近年来他在深度学习、强化学习、工业智能、科学智能等方面也颇有建树,在顶级国际会议和期刊上发表论文数百篇,被引用数万次。他担任了包括WWW/WebConf、SIGIR、KDD、NIPS、ICLR, AAAI在内的顶级国际会议的大会主席、程序委员会主席或(资深)领域主席;包括ACM TOIS、ACM TWEB、IEEE TPAMI在内的知名国际期刊副主编。他曾多次获得最佳论文奖和最高引用论文奖,以及Elsevier 最高引中国学者奖、CCF青竹奖、中国AI英雄风云榜技术创新人物奖、AMiner全球最有影响力学者奖(信息检索领域)、CSDN 技术领航者等奖项。他的团队于2017年开源了LightGBM,目前已成为Kaggle比赛、KDD Cup和诸多产业决策过程中最受欢迎的机器学习工具之一;于2018年在中英新闻翻译任务上达到了人类专家的水平,并于次年获得WMT机器翻译比赛8项冠军;于2019年研发了史上最强麻将AI Suphx,在国际知名麻将平台“天凤”上荣升十段,稳定段位显著超越人类顶级选手;2021年发布了用于分子模拟的Graphormer模型,并在KDD Cup分子建模比赛和OC20催化剂设计比赛中力拔头筹。