Portrait of Winnie Cui

Winnie Cui

Regional Lead - TW-HK-SG


Winnie Cui (崔颖文) is a Region Lead in the Academic Outreach organization at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), responsible for promoting and championing academic collaborations and partnership between MSRA and top-tier universities in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Since joining Microsoft in 2006, Winnie has served in various positions, including Manager for Greater China and North Asia in Microsoft IT. She took the lead to study and create new ways of learning and using technologies as well as helped ensure technological innovations benefit everyone in the society. In her early time as the Principal Solution Manager, Winnie was responsible for the overall planning and implementation of several technological platforms including Dynamics CRM across multiple Microsoft subsidiaries and partner ecosystem. Prior to joining Microsoft, Winnie worked at GE Healthcare leading the global IT excellence in product digitization and optimization. Winnie co-authored the chapter “Fluid Dynamics and Thrombosis” in the book “Advances in Cardiovascular Engineering” published by Springer. Winnie conducted her postdoctoral research at the University of Southern California and holds MS and PhD degrees in biomedical engineering from the University of Memphis in the United States.