Portrait of Xuedong Huang

Xuedong Huang

Technical Fellow and Chief Technology Officer Azure AI


Xuedong Huang is a Microsoft Technical Fellow and Azure AI Chief Technology Officer. He is responsible for Microsoft’s Azure AI engineering and research to bring the dream of making machines see, hear and understand human beings a reality.

He joined Microsoft to found the company’s speech technology group in 1993. He helped bring speech technology to the mass market by introducing Windows SAPI in 1995, Speech Server in 2004, and Azure Speech in 2015. He has held a variety of responsibilities in Research, Incubation, and Production to advance Microsoft’s AI stack from deep learning infrastructure to enabling new experiences. He helped Microsoft achieve multiple historical AI milestones on the open research tasks, including a human parity milestone in conversational speech recognition in 2016; a human parity milestone in machine translation in 2018; and a human parity milestone in image captioning in 2020.

Huang has made contributions…