Portrait of Boyan Yordanov

Boyan Yordanov

Principal Scientist


I am a scientist with the Biological Computation Group at Microsoft Research, working on programming biological systems and understanding the computation performed by living cells and organisms. My research aims to

  1. Accelerate the design and reproducible construction of engineered biochemical circuits with robust, desirable behaviour (synthetic biology and DNA computing) and
  2. Improve our understanding of the information processing strategies of natural biological systems (stem cell and developmental biology).

To address these problems, I design, implement and apply methods that integrate computational analysis with experimental protocols. I was involved in setting up the first experimental biological lab at Microsoft Research, where we are now testing technologies that bring together computational analysis, experimental protocols, and lab automation to support our efforts in genetic engineering of living cells. I also contributed to the development of the RE:IN tool and methodology for reasoning about biological programs, which has been used to provide insights into the decision-making of stem cells. As part of the AI for Molecular Interactions (AiMi) project, I am also exploring how we could apply AI methods to better understand biochemical mechanisms.