Portrait of Yuanchao Shu

Yuanchao Shu

Principal Researcher


I am a Principal Researcher with the Office of the CTO, Azure for Operators. My research interests lie broadly in mobile, sensing and networked systems, with a recent focus on topics including edge video analytics (e.g., accurate and efficient video analytics platform, collaborative and continuous learning, 5G video services etc.) and location-based systems (e.g., navigation, mapping, location spoofing etc.).

Prior to joining Azure, I was with the Mobility and Networking Research Group at Microsoft Research Redmond. I received Ph.D. from Zhejiang University, and was also a joint Ph.D. student in the EECS Department at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I was the recipient of ACM China Doctoral Dissertation Award (2/yr), IBM PhD Fellowship and five best paper/demo (runner-up) awards from leading CS and EE conferences.

Please visit my personal webpage for more information.