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What is Microsoft Expressive Pixels?

Microsoft Expressive Pixels provides rich authoring capabilities for users to make static images and animations that can be shared on LED displays and other digital devices such as a PC. It empowers people to create, express, connect and share animated visualizations in their own unique way.

We all express differently. To some, verbal expressions may be challenging or a non-preferred way of communicating. Often, a visual statement through creative and artistic expression can communicate as much, if not more, than words. Microsoft Expressive Pixels seeks to provide an inspiring experience for human expression and connection.

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Learn about Microsoft Expressive Pixels in this short welcome video.
See how expressivity and eye-gaze music work together in harmony in this Galactic Bell star music demo.
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Get started

To get started, you need a Windows 10 PC, the Expressive Pixels app, and for the optimal experience an LED display device.

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Create, express, and share!

Learn how to use colors, layers, fragments and transition effects to create animated visualizations.

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Join us on the journey

Check out the Community Gallery in the app for inspiration and share your thoughts with us and help shape what we do next.

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Get Microsoft Expressive Pixels

Download from the Microsoft Store for Windows >

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