CloudBuild Graph Explorer


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The CloudBuild Graph Explorer is an interactive visualization tool to allow users to investigate the intricacies of the data produced by Microsoft’s cache distributed build system, CloudBuild.  The tool was designed with developers in mind, to help identify and resolve build performance issues as well as optimize overall build times.


Overview of the CloudBuild Graph Explorer tool featuring: (a) Build Header View, (b) Search Bar, (c) Build Summary View, (d) Build Time-Line Visualization, (e) Targets Cache Visualization, (f) Dependency Tiers Visualization, (g) Tier Time-Line Visualization, (h) Target Properties Visualization, (i) Longest Critical Paths View, and (j) Target List View.

The CloudBuild Graph Explorer is composed of two summary views (build header and build summary) and a set of coordinated visualizations: dependency tier, target properties, longest critical paths, target details, and targets list.


A video demo of the features of the CloudBuild Graph Explorer in action:

Supplementary material 

Supplementary material for the user study conducted on the CloudBuild Graph Explorer tool is provided below: