Code Hunt Workshops

Code Hunt Workshops

Established: February 1, 2015

1st Code Hunt Workshop, Redmond

February, 15-16, 2015

Slides and Videos

Deep Dive into Pex for Code Hunt Nikolai Tillmann [Slides] [Video]
Code Hunt Contest Analytics Judith Bishop [Slides] [Video]
Model Counting for Test Coverage in Code Hunt  Willem Visser [Slides] [Video] (after Bishop)
Hint generation in Code Hunt  Daniel Perelman [Slides] [Video]
A system for C programming  Amey Karkare [Slides] [Video]
Semantic Clustering of Student Solutions at Scale Rishabh Singh [Video] (after Karkare)
Automatic Repair Martin Monperrus [Video]
Code Hunt for University Courses  Tao Xie [Slides] [Video]
Code Hunt and Student Engagement Alfred Thompson [Slides] [Video] (after Xie)


Goals of the workshop

  • To expose the state of the platform and data of Code Hunt and its underlying software, Pex (also called Smart Unit Tests now), and
  • To collectively decide on development work that can be done by all of us in the near future.

Some topics of discussion

We are already working on or proposing some exciting developments for Code Hunt

  • Hint generation from cloud data and symbolic execution
  • Evaluation of Java -> C# and the new Python -> C# translator
  • Distributed computing access to the data with the Orleans platform
  • Retiring the existing open zone, replacing it with a brand new game, and making all that data available on demand
  • A social experience for adding puzzles, sharing them and liking them
  • Levels that build on each other, which will require objects in the game
  • A course experience for teachers