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Expand opportunity

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Increasing opportunities in a digital world

In today’s digital world, we’re committed to empowering individuals to thrive in an AI-enabled economy. Through initiatives aimed at building digital skills for employment and livelihoods, expanding access to computer science education, and addressing critical skills gaps, we strive to ensure that everyone can harness the opportunities presented by technology. By advocating for the open exchange, sharing, and collaboration of data, we believe in enabling better decision-making, enhancing efficiency, and collectively addressing some of society’s most pressing challenges.

Growing access to digital skills and economy

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AI skills

AI offers tremendous potential to empower workers around the world—but only if everyone, everywhere has the skills to use it. Learn how we’re helping people and communities harness the power of AI.

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Close the cybersecurity skills gap

Currently there aren’t enough cybersecurity professionals to meet demand. Microsoft is helping to build an inclusive pipeline of cyber talent around the world.

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Close the sustainability skills gap

Over 3,500 companies globally have issued climate pledges but many lack a workforce with the skills to turn these pledges to progress. Our report shows the urgent need to develop a new level of sustainability skills and fluency – and how we aim to help support the transformation.

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Digital literacy fundamentals

Digital literacy can play a powerful role in helping people create more promising futures. These resources can help individuals gain the basic skills needed to effectively explore the internet and navigate our digital world.

Closing the data divide

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Improving society with open data

We’re working to make data that is relevant to important social problems as open as possible, including by contributing open data ourselves. The Data for Society resource center provides access to Microsoft’s open datasets, resources, and tools to make data sharing, research, and collaboration easier.

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Machine readable documentation for open datasets

Introducing a no-code, machine-readable documentation framework for open datasets, emphasizing Responsible AI (RAI). Designed to enhance accessibility and usability, it simplifies dataset discovery, understanding, and evaluation for researchers and data scientists.

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AI for Good code repositories

The AI for Good Lab is committed to the open data initiative. We’re dedicated to investing in essential assets that will make data sharing easier, including the necessary tools; frameworks; and templates. This is especially important for opening and collaborating around data to solve important societal issues.