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AI For Good Lab

At the Microsoft AI for Good Lab, we’re dedicated to leveraging digital technology responsibly. Our commitment is focused on creating an equitable, sustainable, resilient, and secure future. The Lab, a research hub using big data and Microsoft’s cloud technology, collaborates with partners to address global challenges. Our data scientists employ AI to tackle issues like fundamental rights, sustainability, disaster response, and health disparities. We actively contribute to a positive, impactful, and technologically empowered future for all.


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Inclusivity in the growing digital economy

The Lab works nationally and globally to support Microsoft’s goal of inclusivity. We are measuring digital literacy and identifying gaps across the U.S. and creating analytics to help boost the acquisition of digital skills worldwide. We are creating tools that illuminate gaps in rural broadband availability at a granular level. And we are expanding digital inclusivity of the Global South by opening new AI labs in three countries.

Creating a sustainable future

The Lab supports sustainability in many ways, from mapping the world’s solar and wind installations and measuring their capacity using AI, to bolstering climate resilience in the Global South by opening locations in Egypt and Kenya. Our data scientists are working to better analyze climate change using satellite imagery, and helping conservationists monitor wildlife species.

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Fundamental human rights and building for resiliency

We are helping countries become more resilient in the face of natural disasters by applying machine learning to geospatial data to gain insights on disaster impacts, and developing tools to predict impacts ahead of time so they can better prepare. And we are focusing on analyzing public health by creating visualization tools to convey insights on health risks, disease prevalence and healthcare access to policymakers making public health decisions.

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The Prompt with Trevor Noah

You can’t find the answer without asking the right questions. Join Trevor Noah, Microsoft’s Chief Questions Officer, in this thought-provoking series that emphasizes the importance of being curious. As an inquisitive leader, Trevor delves into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) alongside leading experts. Each episode features Trevor and one of our partners exploring a fundamental question at the heart of AI’s role in the lives of people around the world. The series covers topics from shaping public safety, health, education, and more and takes you to the forefront of technological advancements to engage with technologists, engineers, scientists, and global communities. These episodes serve as catalysts for creative thinking, sparking discussions about the limitless possibilities people can create through AI. 

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