The Prompt with Trevor Noah | Episode 1: IHME Population Mapping

Maps don’t only help us get from Point A to Point B, they help ensure food, clean water and medical services are deployed to where people live – especially in times of crisis. Many of the population maps in the world are grossly out of date with some as much as a decade or more. Harnessing satellite imagery, machine learning, and health metrics, this groundbreaking initiative led by Dr. Emmanuela Gakidou at The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation aims to show where forgotten populations live and help elevate global health resilience around the world. By analyzing high-resolution satellite images from Planet, this program provides valuable insights into the intricate interplay of climate change, food security, and sustainability on health and population dynamics. Through this examination, emerging threats to people’s well-being are illuminated, enabling proactive intervention strategies.

Partners: Microsoft AI for Good Lab (opens in new tab), IHME (opens in new tab), Planet (opens in new tab)


Trevor Noah, Dr. Emmanuela Gakidou