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Microsoft Hands-Free Sound Machine is an eye-controlled, 16-step sound sequencer that provides users the ability to generate musical compositions via a combination of .wav and midi samples, and supports output to physical instruments as well as stage effects.

Physical instrument playback (with supporting visual affordances) are supported, as well as standard .midi and .wav output.

One of the things we experimented with in this release was converting pre-recorded .wav clips of PALS* voices, which had been “banked” for conventional use with an AAC** system into sample sets to be adapted and used as instruments for artist.

Composition and semi-live, loop-based playback are supported via a single-state dwell-based interface.

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Microsoft Hands-Free Sound Machine is a WPF XAML application that works with a number of Tobii eye tracking devices and leverages the audio and MIDI APIs in Windows 10 to play both sampled audio and MIDI based music or to output a MIDI based message stream to your favorite MIDI device.

  • Version: 1.0
  • File Name:
  • Date Published: 11/10/2017
  • File Size: 34.8 MB

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  • Windows 10

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