Established: April 22, 2014


The Arabic Parser determines the grammatical structure of Arabic sentences, such as which groups of words combine to form phrases and which words are the subject or the object of a verb. The Parser relies heavily on the Part-of-Speech (POS) Tagger to identify the correct part of speech for each word in an input sentence, and the Named-Entity Recognizer to identify named entities after it has been corrected using the Auto-Corrector.


Part-of-Speech disambiguation

The Parser relies on the POS Tagger to resolve part-of-speech ambiguity.

Named entity detection

The Parser also detects named entities in an Arabic sentence.

Handling common Arabic mistakes

The Parser performs auto correction for common Arabic mistakes without further user effort.


  • Parse parses a sentence and generates its parse tree
  • Suggest Parse Tree suggests a parse tree for a sentence with a wrong parse tree



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