Arabic Toolkit Service (ATKS)

Established: December 12, 2013

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a foundational infrastructure for processing written text. This processing revolves around text analysis and understanding serving a multitude of sophisticated tasks such as Text Search, Document Management, Automatic Translation, Proofreading, Text Summarization and many more…

The Advanced Technology Lab in Cairo has developed the Arabic Toolkit Service (ATKS) as a set of NLP components targeting Arabic language. The component suite includes a full-fledged morphological analyzer (Sarf), a spell-checker, an auto corrector, a diacritizer, a named entity recognizer (NER), a colloquial to Arabic converter, and a part-of-speech (POS) tagger. These components have been integrated into multiple Microsoft products and services, such as Windows, Office, Bing, Exchange, SharePoint, and Windows Phone. The Arabic Toolkit Service (ATKS) avails these components in the form of web services and associated APIs hosted on Windows Azure.

The ATKS facilitates advanced research in Arabic NLP technologies by providing quality and reliable foundational components.

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