Part of Speech Tagger

Established: January 29, 2014



POS Tagger identifies the correct part of speech. It resolves the ambiguity on both the stem and the case-ending levels.


Detailed tag set

POS Tagger has a detailed tag set consisting of more than 3,000 tags, which reflects the most important features of each word.

Stem level disambiguation

POS Tagger solves the stem level ambiguity of most Arabic words by selecting the best analysis that matches each word, based on its context.

Case-ending disambiguation

The POS Tagger also selects a suitable case-ending value among a variety of possibilities—nominative, accusative, genitive, indicative, subjunctive, jussive—along with the nunation.

Handling common Arabic mistakes

The POS Tagger makes automatic correction for common Arabic mistakes without further user effort.


  • Tag Text to tag input text with the corresponding part of speech with an option to automatically correct this input text before tagging.


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