FLUTE: A Scalable, Extensible Framework for High-Performance Federated Learning Simulations

In this paper we introduce “Federated Learning Utilities and Tools for Experimentation” (FLUTE), a high-performance open source platform for federated learning research and offline simulations. The goal of FLUTE is to enable rapid prototyping and simulation of new federated learning algorithms at scale, including novel optimization, privacy, and communications strategies. We describe the architecture of FLUTE, enabling arbitrary federated modeling schemes to be realized, we compare the platform with other state-of-the-art platforms, and we describe available features of FLUTE for experimentation in core areas of active research, such as optimization, privacy and scalability. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the platform with a series of experiments for text prediction and speech recognition, including the addition of differential privacy, quantization, scaling and a variety of optimization and federation approaches.

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January 25, 2022

FLUTE (Federated Learning Utilities for Testing and Experimentation) is a platform for conducting high-performance federated learning simulations.