Augmented Reality: Perspectives from Industry and Academia


July 16, 2012


Jaron Lanier, Mark Bolas, and Steven Feiner


University of Southern California, Columbia University, Microsoft


Hrvoje Benko from Microsoft Research chairs this session at Faculty Summit 2012.

Overlaying computer-generated graphics on top of the real world to create a seamless spatially registered environment is a core vision behind augmented reality (AR) research. While AR research exploded in the ‘90s with the promise of rich interfaces with head-worn displays, much of it never materialized beyond military uses.

However, in the last five years, we have finally started to see AR technologies in consumers’ hands, albeit in a completely different form: smartphones equipped with cameras. Furthermore, Microsoft Kinect has opened up a whole range of AR experiences by simplifying camera-based tracking and gesturing.

This session shares perspectives on the current state of AR and offer insights into the future of AR.


  • Portrait of Hrvoje Benko

    Hrvoje Benko

    Senior Researcher

  • Portrait of Jaron Lanier

    Jaron Lanier

    Partner Architect, Researcher