Future Trends in Software Engineering


May 19, 2011


Wolfram Schulte


Microsoft Research


Wolfram Schulte, research area manager, Microsoft Research, presents this research talk at the 2011 Microsoft Research Latin American Faculty Summit.


Wolfram Schulte

Wolfram Schulte is a principal researcher and the founding manager of Microsoft’s Research in Software Engineering (RiSE) team in Redmond, Washington. His research concentrates on improving software development. At Microsoft he co-designed runtimes like Linq and the Task Parallel Library, test tools like Spec Explorer and Pex, verifiers like Spec# and VCC, and modeling tools like AsmL and Formula. Schulte has coauthored more than 80 refereed papers, and holds numerous patents. He has a PhD from TU Berlin, a state doctorate from the University of Ulm, and he worked for a couple of years as a software engineer.


  • Portrait of Wolfram Schulte

    Wolfram Schulte

    Partner Group Software Engineering Manager