H2O: Two Hands Manipulating Objects for First Person Interaction Recognition | JRC Workshop 2021

Computer Vision | Day 2
22 April 2021

Speaker: Taein Kwon, ETH Zurich
(collaboration with Federica Bogo Marc Pollefeys, Bugra Tekin, Microsoft)

This virtual event brought together the PhD students and postdocs working on collaborative research engagements with Microsoft via the Swiss Joint Research Center, Mixed Reality & AI Zurich Lab, Mixed Reality & AI Cambridge Lab, Inria Joint Center, their academic and Microsoft supervisors as well as the wider research community. The event continued in the tradition of the annual Swiss JRC Workshops. PhD students and postdocs presented project updates and discussed their research with their supervisors and other attendants. In addition, Microsoft speakers provided updates on relevant Microsoft projects and initiatives. There were four event sessions according to research themes: Computer Vision, Systems, and AI

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Taein Kwon
ETH Zurich