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Keynote: Unlocking exabytes of training data through privacy preserving machine learning

Speaker: Jim Kleewein, Technical Fellow, Microsoft

Data is the lifeblood of AI and machine learning. The better the model, and the better the data that model is trained on, the better the outcome. Today’s models are big and powerful, capable of outcomes deemed miraculous or impossible only a few years ago, yet they are generally only trained using relatively small corpuses. Pause for a second and imagine what could be accomplished with order of magnitude more data. It is staggering. Join Jim Kleewein, Technical Fellow in Office 365, to learn more about use of private data in training public models. We’ll explore why private data is seldom used, the barriers to unlocking exabytes of new training data and the requirements a solution must fulfill, and why research into PPML, privacy preserving machine learning, is essential to keep driving the state of the art further.

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