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Panel: Space systems and next-generation telecommunications

00:00 Introduction
The Space and Telecommunications industries are undergoing a massive transformation. With the advent of LEO satellites, powerful computing resources, and innovative sensors, satellite networks are enabling new connectivity and intelligence applications. Similarly, 5G and the power of cloud and edge computing are driving significant efficiencies in telecommunication. Hear from leaders on the future of these industries, and how technologies such as data, edge, and AI, will power the next wave of innovation in these industries.

05:20 Leveraging the future of 5G
Dina Papagiannaki, VP, Microsoft Azure
Martin Casado, Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
Andre Fuetsch, EVP, CTO, AT&T Services
Martin Lund, CVP, Microsoft Azure

39:39 The growing value of space systems
Ranveer Chandra, GM Networking, Microsoft Research
Stephen Kitay, Sr. Director, Microsoft Azure


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Ranveer Chandra, Dina Papagiannaki, Martin Casado, Andre Fuetsch, Martin Lund, Stephen Kitay
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