Research Work Experience Presentation


July 16, 2013


Eleftheria Georganti


University of Patras


This presentation will include an overview of the research work experience of E. Georganti during the last five years. The questions that the researcher was trying to answer, while pursuing her PhD work will be discussed. The presentation will refer to the progress and the specific achieved accomplishments of this Phd work. Initially, the motivation of analysing statistical properties either in the frequency or time domain of room responses or signals will be discussed [1, 2, 3, 4]. Based on this, we will refer to the ways that such statistical properties could be employed by several methods in order to extract room- and position-dependent information from rever- berant (recorded signals). More specifically, two developed methods
for the estimation of the source/receiver distance using either single- channel [5] or binaural signals [6] will be described. Moreover, two methods for the computation of acoustical parameters from reverber- ant signals will be described (direct-to-reverberant ratio, clarity in-dex). After this, this presentation will refer to the experience gained while working on several side projects (ambient telephony system cal-ibration, subjective evaluation of signals enhancement techniques [7], architectural acoustics [8]). Finally, this presentation will conclude with some ideas for future work/extensions.


Eleftheria Georganti

Eleftheria Georganti was born in Athens, Greece in 1982. She received her diploma from the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, University of Patras, in 2007. She completed her final year project working on a “System of measurement and analysis of three dimensional impulse responses of acoustical spaces} at the Audio & Acoustic Technology Group, Wire Communications Laboratory. In 2007 she started her PhD working on “Modeling, analysis and processing of Room Transfer Functions under reverberant conditions” under the supervision of Professor John Mourjopoulos. She carried out nine months of research at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) supervised by Professor Dr. Finn Jacobsen under the framework of Marie Curie Host Fellowships for Early Stage Research Training (EST). Then, she carried out another ten months of research as a visitor PhD student at Philips Research (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) working on ambient telephony technologies under the supervision of Dr. Aki Harma and Dr. Steven van De Par. She spent three months (October — December 2011) at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg under the supervision of Dr. Steven van de Par working on the extraction of room/position information from binaural signals. She is expected to receive her PhD degree in September 2013. She is a student member of the Audio Engineering society, IEEE society, the Hellenic Institute of Acoustics and a full Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece. Specialties: Digital signal processing, auditory signal processing, psychoacoustics, auditory localization, room acoustics, ambient telephony technologies, room acoustics perception