Resilience and Security in Cyber-Physical Systems: Self-Driving Cars and Smart Devices


October 9, 2017


Karthik Pattabiraman


University of British Columbia


The future will be defined by autonomous computer systems that are tightly integrated with the environment, also known as Cyber-Physical systems (CPS). Resilience and security become extremely important in these systems, as a single error or security attack can have catastrophic consequences. In this talk, I will consider the resilience and security challenges of CPS, and how to protect them at low costs. I will give examples of two recent projects from my group, one on improving the resilience of Deep Neural Network (DNN) accelerators deployed in self-driving cars, and the other on deploying host-based intrusion detection systems on smart embedded devices such as smart meters and smart medical devices. Finally, I will discuss some of our ongoing work in this area, and the challenges and opportunities. This is joint work with my students and industry collaborators.