Text Entry in Immersive HMDisplay-based VR using Physical and Touch Keyboards 


February 1, 2018


Eyal Ofek 


Microsoft Research


We study the performance and user experience of two popular mainstream text entry devices, desktop keyboards, and touchscreen keyboards, for use in Virtual Reality (VR) applications. We discuss the limitations arising from limited visual feedback and examine the efficacy of different use strategies. We analyze a total of 24 hours of typing data in VR from 24 participants and find that novice users are able to retain about 60% of their typing speed on a desktop keyboard and about 40–45% of their typing speed on a touchscreen keyboard. We also find no significant learning effects, indicating that users can transfer their typing skills fast into VR. Besides investigating baseline performances, we study the position in which keyboards and hands are rendered in space. We find that this does not adversely affect performance for desktop keyboard typing and results in a performance trade-o for touchscreen keyboard typing.