The Changing Landscape of Parallel Computing – II


July 17, 2012


Burton Smith, David Padua, David Patterson, and James Demmel


Univeristy of California, UIUC, University of Southern California, Microsoft Corporation


Juan Vargas from Microsoft chairs this session at the 2012 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit.

This session continues with the theme “The Changing Landscape of Parallel Computing”. In this session, Burton Smith, Microsoft technical fellow, presents “Operating System Architecture for Parallel and Distributed Computing.” In addition, a panel discusses the educational impact of UPCRC, with the following presentations:

  • What to Cover in an Introductory Course on Parallel Programming?—David Padua
  • Teaching Parallel Computing Nationwide and Beyond via NSF/XSEDE—Jim Demmel
  • Teaching Software Engineering to 35,000 Students Using a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)—David Patterson