Using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to advance scientific discovery – webinar


July 22, 2014


Roger Barga




Microsoft Azure Machine Learning can facilitate and accelerate data analysis and scientific research by enabling researchers to perform machine learning over data in the cloud and deploy machine learning web services for community use. This webinar provides an introduction to the service and a walk though of using data to create and evaluate a model, share and collaborate with other researchers, and deploy a model into production as an Azure web service.

Academics and researchers can apply for Azure Machine Learning Awards at

Data science instructional awards

  • These awards will provide an individual account for each student in an intermediate or advanced data science class.
  • In addition, each awardee will receive 500 GB of cloud data storage.

Shared workspaces for research collaboration

  • These awards will provide a workspace for a group of researchers interested in hosting a data collection in Microsoft Azure to discover and share predictive models.

In addition, each group will receive 10 TB of cloud data storage for this collection.