WebAppBooster: Give Web Apps access to an Android Smartphone


March 11, 2013


Arno Puder


San Francisco State University


HTML5 is quickly gaining traction for developing mobile apps. New W3C standards such as WebRTC, WebNFC, WebSockets or WebWorkers elevate HTML5 to a first class citizen for mobile development. However, a regular web app running inside a browser is sandboxed and has only limited access to a smartphone’s data or sensors. E.g., it is not possible to access a users contact database or sensors. WebAppBooster is a free Android app that acts as a gateway for web apps to do just that. Particular care must be taken with regards to security. WebAppBooster is used by TouchDevelop and was developed as part of a MSR funded research project.
The presentation will discuss motivation and challenges in designing and implementing WebAppBooster. http://webappbooster.


Arno Puder

Arno Puder is an Associate Professor at the San Francisco State University. He specializes on cross-platform tools for mobile app development. He is the founder of XMLVM, a byte code level cross-compiler that translates Android applications to other mobile platforms. Prior to his current position he worked for AT&T Labs Research on middleware related topics.