Microsoft Research Webinars

Microsoft Research Webinars

  1. a picture of katja hofmann next to the title of her webinar

    Exploring reinforcement learning methods from algorithm to application webinar

    In this webinar led by Microsoft researcher Dr. Katja Hofmann, a Principal Researcher in the Game Intelligence group at Microsoft Research Cambridge, learn about the foundations of RL—elegant ideas giving rise to agents that can learn extremely complex behaviors in a wide range of settings. In the broader perspective, gain an overview of where we currently stand in terms of what is possible in RL from the researcher's perspective. The webinar concludes with an outlook on key…
    January 15, 2020
  2. Ganesh and Yuancho in two hexigons next to text communicating the title of their webinar

    Microsoft Rocket: Hybrid Edge + Cloud Video Analytics Platform Webinar

    Project Rocket, an extensible software stack that leverages the edge and cloud, is designed with maximum functionality in mind, capable of meeting the needs of varying video analytic applications. In this webinar, Microsoft researchers Ganesh Ananthanarayanan and Yuanchao Shu explain how Rocket—now open source on GitHub—uses approximation to run scalable analytics across the edge and cloud and how efficient live video analysis advances the interactive querying of stored video. The researchers will also provide a tutorial on how to…
    December 12, 2019

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  1. john and alekh in two hexigons next to text communicating the title of their webinar

    Foundations of real-world reinforcement learning webinar

    In this webinar—led by Microsoft Researchers John Langford, Partner Research Manager with over a decade of experience in reinforcement learning-related research, and Alekh Agarwal, Principal Research Manager and leader of the Reinforcement Learning group in Redmond—learn how RL works to impact real-world problems across a variety of domains.
    December 5, 2019
  2. a person posing for the camera

    Homomorphic Encryption with Microsoft SEAL Webinar

    In this webinar led by researcher Kim Laine of the Cryptography and Privacy Research group at Microsoft, you’ll learn how SEAL can help software engineers develop data storage and computation services that customers can feel safe using because their personal information is never exposed.
    August 21, 2019
  3. Machine learning and fairness webinar

    In this webinar led by Microsoft researchers Jenn Wortman Vaughan and Hanna Wallach, 15-year veterans of the machine learning field, you'll learn how to make detecting and mitigating biases a first-order priority in your development and deployment of ML systems.
    January 22, 2019