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Building an ASP.NET Web App with the Microsoft Translator Widget and API

Note: The Translator Web Widget was retired on July 31, 2019. Learn how you can translate your website with Microsoft Translator on the Microsoft Translator business site. Microsoft Translator offers great tools for web developers. With the Microsoft Translator Widget you can add translation to all of the content of your site, giving the user control over what language they read your site….

Discover How to Build a Windows Phone 8 App with Microsoft Translator and Speech Synthesis

Windows Phone 8 introduces a host of new features, including speech synthesis. This is the perfect fit for Microsoft Translator and opens up exciting opportunities for developers as showcased in our November 12 blog post.  In the latest in our series of walkthroughs, we step you through everything you need to do to build a simple translation app that takes your text….

Creating a Web Application with Translation provided by Microsoft Translator.

Creating a Web Application with Translation provided by Microsoft Translator. In this Walkthrough, you’ll learn how to create a Web application that uses the Microsoft Translator API to translate text that was input by the user. You’ll build the page using ASP.NET and the free Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web. If you already have a Visual Studio installation, you’ll….

Building Windows 8 Store Apps Using Microsoft Translator

The Microsoft Translator API is a hosted API that allows you to add machine translation to your app. It fully supports Windows Store Apps, so if you want to add localization to these apps, doing so is as easy as subscribing to and using the API. We’ve built out step-by-step instructions and assets that demonstrates how to do this this,….