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Chinook Middle School Uses Microsoft Translator to Foster Multilingual Dialog with Parents

At Chinook Middle School in Bellevue, Washington, Mr. Russell White – Chinook’s principal – uses Microsoft Translator to communicate with parents who speak multiple languages. Using the Translator live feature and the Presentation Translator PowerPoint add-in, he’s able to speak in English while parents follow along on their own device, in their chosen language. Check out this video produced by….

Microsoft Translator accelerates use of Neural Networks across its offerings

Exactly one year ago, Microsoft Translator made a new AI-powered technology available to everyone: neural machine translation (NMT) . Since then, the team has been working hard to expand the use of NMT to improve translations in the Microsoft Translator Text and Speech APIs, as well as in all of Microsoft Translator’s supported products. Today, the Microsoft Translator team is….

Translate Word Documents into 60+ Languages with Word Translator

Microsoft Office 365 subscribers can now translate Word documents into over 60 languages using Word Translator, an intelligent service made available through the cloud. Whether you want to translate a selection of words within a document, or translate the entire document, Word Translator makes text translation easy with this built-in Office 365 feature.   Features Translate selected text. Select words….

Bringing AI translation to edge devices with Microsoft Translator

In November 2016, Microsoft brought the benefit of AI-powered machine translation, aka Neural Machine Translation (NMT), to developers and end users alike. Last week, Microsoft brought NMT capability to the edge of the cloud by leveraging the NPU, an AI-dedicated processor integrated into the Mate 10, Huawei’s latest flagship phone. The new chip makes AI-powered translations available on the device….

Microsoft Translator Adds Tamil as a Supported Language

Microsoft Translator is excited to announce the launch of our latest text translation language: Tamil. Tamil is spoken by over 70 million native speakers throughout the Indian subcontinent and around the globe. Whether you’re using the Microsoft Translator apps, add-ins, or API on Azure, the addition of Tamil helps break the language barrier of communication worldwide and within the Indian….

Microsoft and Huawei deliver Full Neural On-device Translations

Microsoft is delivering the world’s first fully neural on device translations in the Microsoft Translator app for Android, customized for the Huawei Mate 10 series. Microsoft achieved this breakthrough by partnering with Huawei to customize Microsoft’s new neural technology for Huawei’s new NPU (Neural Processing Unit) hardware. This results in dramatically better and faster offline translations as compared to existing….

Give your customers fine-tuned translations with the Microsoft Translator Hub API

You can now use the dictionary feature of the Microsoft Translator Hub API to give your customers fine-tuned translations, rather than the default translations generated by the Microsoft Translator Text API. Using this feature, you can edit any content translated by Microsoft Translator, and then redeploy the new, fine-tuned translations to your customers. To use the dictionary feature of the….

VIDEO: Microsoft Translator Facilitates Multilingual Conversations in the Classroom

In July 2017, a group of Chinese students visiting the University of Washington stopped by the Microsoft AI and Research offices to learn about Microsoft Translator’s speech translation technology – specifically the Translator live feature and Presentation Translator for PowerPoint. Will Lewis – Principal Technical Program Manager for Microsoft Translator, and former professor at the University of Washington – walked….

Translate Emails into 60+ Languages with One Tap on Android Devices

In February 2017, we announced the launch of Translator for Outlook on Windows, iOS, and the web – an add-in that instantly translates emails directly in Outlook with one click. This same translation feature is now available on Android devices for users with an or Office 365 email address. Android users can now translate multilingual emails in over 60….

Presentation Translator Helps with Classroom Learning Through Live Captioning

On May 9th, 2017, Microsoft Research hosted talks given at the Redmond campus, titled “Access and Understanding in the Classroom: How Deaf Children Learn (or not)”. This video contains snippets of those talks with live captioning using Presentation Translator, a Microsoft Garage project – demonstrating how the live feature provides accessible content for people who are deaf or hard of….

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