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Microsoft Translator Blog

Learn to Customize and Edit Machine Translation at MT Summit XV

AMTA’s international machine translation conference, MT Summit XV, kicks off next Friday, October 30 in Miami, Florida. The conference brings together researchers, developers, and users of machine translation (also known as automatic translation) technologies in industry and government. The schedule includes keynote speeches by experts in the field of machine translation, panel discussions, and presentations of submitted and invited papers….

Introducing Kiswahili for Microsoft Translator

Today, Microsoft Translator launches Kiswahili (also known as Swahili) text translation, the first African language to be supported by the automatic translation service. The new language will be available throughout Microsoft Translator’s ecosystem of supported products* to empower individuals and organizations through quick and cost-effective translation. Kiswahili is spoken by up to 150 million people throughout eastern Africa including Tanzania,….

Social BI Guest Blog – Buzzlogix: The Future of Business Engagement on Social Media

The following is a guest post by Buzzlogix, creators of a social media management, monitoring, and engagement platform. Buzzlogix has multiplied the capabilities of its social BI analysis tools by integrating the Microsoft Translator API into its platform; it is able to automatically convert foreign language posts into a single language for analysis. It’s near impossible to keep up with….

Communicate Across Language Barriers with Skype for Windows Desktop

Have you been wanting to use Skype Translator, but don’t have Windows 8.1 on your PC? The new Skype for Windows desktop app includes Skype Translator, and is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Powered by Microsoft Translator, Skype for Windows desktop lets you make translated calls in Chinese Mandarin, French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish. You….