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“Welkom” Afrikaans to Microsoft Translator

Cape Town, South Africa Today, Afrikaans joins the list of 50+ text translation languages supported by Microsoft Translator. The language is now, or will soon be available in all of Microsoft products with Translation features powered by Microsoft Translator. Afrikaans is spoken by over 7 million people worldwide as a primary language, with most being concentrated in western South Africa….

Australian Museum and the University of New South Wales Team with Microsoft to Preserve Australian Aboriginal Languages

In 1901, the year of the Australian Federation, there were 750 aboriginal languages spoken around the newly formed nation. Today there are fewer than 20 languages in active use. The rest are categorized by UNESCO from threatened to extinct. We are pleased to announce Microsoft’s partnership with the Australian Museum and the University of New South Wales to launch the….

Simplify your packing list with Microsoft Translator for Amazon Fire

Taking a trip this summer? If you’re packing your Fire with reading materials, don’t forget to also download the Microsoft Translator app and you’ll be carrying along your own personal translator in the same device. You can download the app for free from the Amazon Underground app store. You can also use Amazon Underground for Android to download Microsoft Translator….