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Microsoft Translator Blog

New on the Windows Live Gallery: The Toolbar Translator Button!

Now available: The Windows Live Toolbar Translator Button! So many people said: I wish I had a simple button to translate a web page when I need it! Imagine: you browse for the latest digital camera information and before you know it, you end up on a Japanese web page and you don’t understand what it says. Did you bookmark….

Translate This and Translate My Page Functionality with Windows Live Translator

Every now and then I look at visitor logs on the various personal and professional sites/blogs that I administer. It makes for a fascinating experience to see the many places worldwide that visitors come from. I have often wondered about non English speakers and how I could make my writing more accessible to them. While some professional and company web….

New Live Search and Translation Results Integration

Have you tried the new Windows Live Search? I have been using it as the default search on all my computers at work and home (10+ of them) and am very impressed by the improvements. While all the great new features are quite excellent, I am very pleased with the quality (relevance) of the search results themselves. The rollout was….

Extended FAQ for the Microsoft Translator

  1) Where can I find help with the translator service? Help and FAQ are here. 2) How is the text translated? Text is translated by computer software automatically and without human involvement. Web pages about computer-related topics are translated by Microsoft’s own state-of-the-art statistical machine translation technology which has been trained on large amounts of computer-related data. Web pages….

Introducing: Windows Live Translator Beta

There has been some great coverage recently on the beta release of our new online translation service. In this post I would like to provide you with information regarding Microsoft’s entry into the free online machine translation field – straight from the horse’s mouth, figuratively speaking. The URL of the translation home page is, where you can issue requests….

Machine Translation group at Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research’s Machine Translation (MSR-MT) group has been among the leading research organizations in the machine translation space for over 8 years, and some of the foundational work in natural language processing at MSR began over 16 years ago. The team’s approach to machine translation integrates linguistic features with state-of-the-art statistical machine translation algorithms. The team’s focus has always been….

Welcome to the Machine Translation team blog!

Welcome to our blog! We are very excited to bring to you news and insights into work (and fun) at the Machine Translation (MT) Group within Microsoft Research. We have great mix of researchers, developers, testers, program managers, linguists, designers and product managers working on MT here, and we are pleased to launch this blog as a way to connect….