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Webinar: Translation Trends 2015

Learn what 2015 holds for the future of translation. In this webinar hosted by MemSource, you will hear a summary of 2014 and catch a glimpse of what’s in store for 2015. Panelists include Microsoft Translator‘s Chris Wendt, MemSource CEO David Canek, Torben Dahl Jensen from TextMinded, and Moravia‘s Jan Hofmeister. Ask your questions during the webinar, or in advance….

Learn to Optimize Your Localized Website for SEO at Adobe’s AEM Summit

Currently, up to 95% of online content is only available in one language. There are various reasons for this such as lack of time, money, and expertise. Automatic translation is increasingly leveraged to fill this gap – whether as a solution in and of itself, or as a first pass for human translation. As the quality of automatic translation continues….